Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Morning lovelies!  I've been waiting on it & this morning it finally happened... Someone called me out on one of my YT vids about me being a Mary Kay Consultant, but using & promoting other brands.  I'm pretty sure I said it before, but I'll say it again just because it was brought up...

I've been a makeup lover for as long as I can recall, growing up in a house of women (my mama, lovely aunts, my gma & sis) how could I NOT love it?!  I grew up watching them get even more gorgeous before running out of the house with their friends & wishing I could play in their room.  I recall even "borrowing" my aunts MAC lipstick when I was in middle school & getting totally busted later.  So you could imagine the collection I've accumulated in my 28 years of life.  I use a wide array of brands, including MAC, Bare Esscentials, Urban Decay, Revlon, Mabelline & Mary Kay to name a few.  For me to say that I tossed out hundreds of dollars in makeup when I became a consultant would be a flat out lie.  Although I will admit that I've dumped any other skincare products & exclusively use the Timewise Sets, because they are formulated to work together for the best results.  My skin is in the best shape its ever been  (minus my teen years when everything was tight & perky) & I thank my cousin for introducing me to Mary Kay. 

So feel free to call me out when I use other products for my makeup, but the truth of the matter is that to achieve the high pigmentation & desired effect, I have to use more product, several different colors & blend blend blend.  Which isn't a problem, if I didn't have little animal children asking me for something every 2 mins, turning my 10 min makeup time into 30-40 mins.  Sigh.  But foreals, I don't discriminate on products or turn my nose up claiming that other  brands are crap compared to MK bc I know it isn't true.  I refuse to try to push a product on someone or lie about the results they would get.  Maybe that makes me a bad consultant in some peoples eyes, but I feel it makes me a better one.  Hopefully that kind of explains a bit...

Til next time, xo, Mia

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ugh, I knew this was gonna happen. I dont blog on the weekends. Its just a fact that my weekends are dedicated to family stuff & there isnt any "me" downtime to sit & post pics & all that... even my post on friday was a total cop out. I blogged from the sidewalk in SJ while we were at the Halloway Release party at Aristocrats... I posted a pic, but didnt have my fav purse with me to show off... sigh. My bad. And its honestly not gonna get any better this week since its Thanksgiving & a gazillion parties to go to! So I'm gonna be honest & say I'm skipping the weekends & run it like a business week! LOL, ohh Mia, you're sucha cheater.

So todays blog is supposed to be my Fav brush & a photo that makes me happy...

My go to brush on the daily, that stays in my makeup bag is my Sigma SS217. Its the perfect size to live in my purse with my other must haves & it does just about every job possible! Need it to apply on your entire lid, go for it! Need it to blend, it can do that too! The only thing I will admin it cant do it line my lower lashes! Heres a few pics I took of it while its faaaairly clean.  This sucker can get real dirty, real quick!  But, its my <3

My Sis Trina
My Sis Rach
As far as a photo that makes me happy, its a toss up. The two pics that can make me smile any day is my sisters. The top on is my sis Trina & I can truly say she is my best friend. The second is Rach, my LYLARS... ohh stop it, do you really need me to traslate that?! Uhh, ok. Back in the elementary day, we would tell eachother that & it was short for "Love Ya Like a REAL Sister" & I do. Shes the Dionne to my Cher, the peanut butter to my jelly. Shes my friend <3 Hopefully that explains why I chose these two pics :) 

Thanks for reading & I'll see ya tomorrow!  xo, Mia

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eyes.Lips.Face Sale!!

Hi guys!  I was checking out todays fresh deals on dealsplus & came across a 1/2 off on ELF Studio products.  I didnt purchase anything b/c I honestly dont need it, but who I am to deny someone else the joy of 50% off!!  So I checked & it doesnt start giving you 1/2 off til you hit $20 in product, which is still pretty amazing.  On the ELF site, the coupon code is HOLSTU.  Let me know if anyone picks up some ELF stuff & what your fav products are.  Happy Shopping!

PS, I'll get back to my Blog Challenge today ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It takes a LEGEND to make a STAR

Last week I entered the Burlesque contest held by my fellow Bay Area beauty, Sara, aka themakeupsnob... And I was beyond stoked when she emailed me Monday to let me know I won one of the Sebastian sets & tickets to watch the pre-screening! Imagine my surprise when I came home to this today...

I cant wait to see the movie, I've always been a huge fan on xtina from the very beginning, ahem Genie in a Bottle.... Thanks for the opportunity & please make sure you check out & follow Sara on twitter!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey folks!  As many of you know, I'm an active Mary Kay Beauty Consultant & for the month of November, there's a fantastic deal happening!  The usual $100 starter kit is only $75!!  Now I'm a bit jealous that I paid the regular price plus tax & all that, so really, this is a DEAL!  

If you've never tried Mary Kay or have that thought in the back of your mind that your "grandma" used it back in the day... you're WRONG!!  Yes, the company has been around for 56 years.  Yes, the products are non-comedogenic & wont clog your pores or break you out.  Yes, we have an agreement with PETA & do NOT test on sweet little animals.  Yes, our ladies to drive the PINK Cadillacs, the NEW ones!!  Personally, I love that it re-opened the door to my girly side & gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone & meet new & amazing women.  Its why I started blogging & doing videos (which I promise I will get back to THIS WEEK).  

So if you're looking for a side hustle that you'd want to make a full time gig one day, holla at ya girl.  I've met a bunch of amazing women who have turned their love of makeup into a business where they're traveling constantly, making their own hours & holding down their families on their Mary Kay income alone.  Even if you just wanna try out the products & compare it to what you already use, I'm your girl!  With the re-vamped packaging & new Fall colors, we've got what you need!  So til next time, stay glamorous & don't forget to let that inner diva out to play!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween guys!  I've been completely neglecting my blog, youtube & the entire world lately. With the move & getting settled, there just hasnt been any time to really sit down & enjoy my makeup & the videos that I did try to do, my macbook refused to process them!  So instead, heres a few pics from my families Halloween.  A couple days before Halloween, I tried out a Sugar Skull/Dia de Los Muertos look that turned out pretty good, but b/c my laptop ate the tutorial, I never posted the pics.  Boo!!  PS I got the inspiration from Wifezilla Hekela, check out her vids, they're AMAZING!

This one is from Saturday night.  My sweetheart was a Jabbawockeez... I wish I took a vid clip of him gettin down b/c THAT was priceless!!  If you cant tell already, I was Alice.  It was kinda cool b/c the spot we were at, all the waitresses were dressed as the Queen of Hearts!
These are my ever adorable girls as Minnie Mouse & a Harajuku Girl.  They're shoeless in this one, but Mims had some knee boots that completed her look & Jassy wore her fav cute maryjane slipons.

Heres a close up of the girls makeup... or as Jassy says "makeup polish".  Sad to admit it, but my girls LOOOOVE their makeup.  Mims was thrilled she got to use my UD palette & glittery eyeliner & Jassy sat still while I gave her whiskers & even took it upon herself to "swatch" a few colors while I did her sissys makeup!  Hope everyone had a safe & Happy Halloween!  Dont forget to brush those chompers!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet & Greet w/ itsjudytime

The other night while checking to see if anyone posted any new videos, I ran across a quick vid from ItsJudyTime saying that she was in my area & was going to do a meet & greet over the weekend.  I totally jumped at the chance & emailed her to see if I could go since shes one of my top 5 gurus.  To be honest, I was completely geeked out over meeting her.  I brought along my best friend Rach, my sis Treen & the girls.  If you've ever watched her channel, Judy is exactly the way she is on Youtube.  Shes very sweet & humble & I'm completely impressed.  I did this it was the cutest thing ever the way Benjie was her PR & management, but thats a protective, supportive man if I've ever seen one.  I completely appreciated the Q&A session she did & the tips she gave.  If you haven't already checked her out, please do!  I also met MamaGee (Angee) & was kinda starstruck with her as well =)  I posted a few pics below from our afternoon.  Thanks Judy for taking time out of your vacation to meet with all of us! 
Rach, Judy, Mia & Trina
My girls & I as we waited for lunch
Rach & Judy

The gorgeous MamaGee & I
All of the ladies trying to take a pic =)

The YT guru supporter group :)

Thanks again Judy & Benjie!  Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Bay Area & come back soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Livin Life without Straining my Wallet... too much =)

I'm not sure about the rest of you beauty bloggers, but I know for a fact that I almost NEVER pay full price for anything if I can help it.  I'm all about surfing the net for coupon codes & deals.  I regularly get emails from Groupon, Yipit, LivingSocial, Babysteals, Kidsteals, PLNDR, Karmaloop & a number of other sites for "deals of the day".  It has honestly gotten out of hand & I usually just delete them now b/c even on a discount, it can suck you in & make you wanna buy EVERYTHING!  Crazy right?  Well today, I happened to get an email from Yipit & actually opened it up b/c the headline said something about an Aveda Massage & Facial package & saw there there was 50% off a beauty event in SF... TODAY!  The tickets were regularly $30 & it was offering them for $15!  Beauty Sample Sale
Now I'm not sure what was wrong with the site, but every time I clicked the link, it would show my cart as EMPTY!!  EXCUSE ME, I WANNA SEE MAKEUP TONIGHT!!  Whew, sorry about that.  So being the saavy internet explorer that I am, I hunted down alternate sites b/c I really want to go tonight, but dont want to spend $30 each for me & my sis.  I happened to run across a coupon code from another city... DCVIP or something like that.  So I enter it in, but put in SFVIP since its the SF event... what?!  Its FREE?!  SWEET!!  So thats my plans for tonight, checking out the Sample Sale being put on by, which is in partnership with Shape Magazine.  I'll be sure to post up some pics from the event, but for now, I want to share a couple of the sites I frequent that helps keep me out of the poor house & creditors off my back!  

Bay Area Mama
Kids Steals
Cool Mom Picks

So really, those are the ones I frequent a few times a week & are really worth checking out.  You stay up on the hippest clothes, events & products without breaking the bank!  Happy shopping folks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lashes Galore

For some reason, every time I've entered any store that had beauty products, I've automatically been drawn to the lashes section. I'm gonna have to admit that I'm horrible at putting in lashes. I'll try a couple of times then give up out of frustration. The 1st set of lashes I picked up was from Sephora. What I love about these lashes is how they look like they feather. They retail for $8. I checked the website & they're called "wispy".

The next ones I found were at my local CVS. They're by Ardell & the box says "Elegantly Wild Lashes", but I doubt that's the name of the type. The lashes are white with black wisps in between & glitter on them. I instantly thought they would be perfect for my Halloween costume! Did I mention I'm going to be "Alice"... From Alice in Wonderland if you didn't already get that. But here's what they look like...

The last set I happened to find on a quick run into Walgreens for some snacks for my kids. I was rushing by & what catches me eye? "no glue required"! What?! Now I'm a Duo glue girls all the way & have been for years, but I instantly jumped at the chance at not needing it. I'm gonna give them a shot & prob do a vid to show how easy it is to use... But if the vid never pops up, it's prob bc it was a total fail. I don't remember how much they cost exactly, but I know it was under $10. Revlon Flirty lashes w/ self adhesive strips.

I've picked up a few other items & 2 other lash sets, one elf & some other kit I found at target that had the little holder & glue, but couldn't find them in the chaos of boxes from my move. Anyhow, be sure to check back for the vid on me experimenting with all my lashes!

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Beautylish site while it was still in its beta form & instantly, I was hooked.  I love that you can see topics of discussion, reviews & gurus/mua's posting vids & links to their blogs.  The site went live to everyone else about 2 weeks ago (I think thats right...) & its still amazing.  The other day, there was a topic that I saw about exchanging blog links & jumped on the chance to get my blog out there.  Im fairly new to the blogging game... even the concept of completely putting myself out there is something different for me.  Ive def had a few more hits from the Beautylish blog & was extremely excited when I got a wall post this morning that my blog was actually featured in a blog they did called "Best Beauty Blogs"!!  I'm def hyped to check out the rest of the ladies that are also featured to expand not only my knowledge base, but my circle of friends.  Thank you Beautylish team for giving us ladies that opportunity! 

Dont forget to sign up on if you havent already & check out some of the other lovely ladies featured in the blog.

Best Beauty Blogs!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


So i know this is sooo the opposite of glam... in fact I'd call it ghetto-fab, but I love the look.  And "glamour" is way more than overdone makeup & expensive clothes.  Fashion is just as high on the totem pole as a done up face... and baby, these bottles are dressed to be shown off!!  

Truth be told, Im not a heavy Henn drinker... anymore.  But that doesnt mean that there isnt a bottle in my home at all times "just in case".  A friend of mine just sent me the following link ( & I swear i thought it said something about "fart"... uhh what?!  Hahaa, just playin. 

Now, you may or may not be ordering a shot of henn & a henn/coke as a back in the club (ahhem you drunkies!) but I bet you'd be more inclined to order something out one of those bottles!  Sadly, I want them all to display in my home.  So if you're looking for a housewarming gift for us, here it is!

Monday, October 11, 2010

OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous

So I finally found the time to try out my gorgeous new OPI nailcolor in Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous. I was kinda skeptical about buying it since I'm typically a "reds" girl & don't usually stray towards anything too dramatic. Hahaa, but really, red is as dramatic as it comes, so I guess what I mean is I don't usually get anything off the wall. A friend of mine suggested it & I obliged. I really love it! I kinda wish I got the satin or suede finish instead, but the color is amazing! Def a transition out of summery shades. Who knows, maybe I'll grab a couple more shades to keep my nails covered during the holidays!
XO Til next time,

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello NYC! Well, kinda...

What a week! Since we moved last weekend, I had to have my UD Book of Shadows forwarded by UPS to our new place, then we kept missing the guy & I almost had a meltdown bc I wanted my palette! But 5 days late, here it is!!

I haven't had the chance to try it out & swatch everything, but I'm thinking up a look to do so you all can see how fab these shadows really are! But I am soooo excited to show it off!
xo, Mia

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looove MAC Disney Venomous Villains!

So here's a preview of my super lustrous gloss in Hot House over the super sexy Violetta lipstick.

Both from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection. I absolutely love the colors & hope they make it part of the regular line. I've been on the hunt for a fuchsia ever since I saw the Kim K pic below & absolutely needed to preorder the gloss & lipstick!

I'm pretty sure I can wear both individually & it still look amazing... but I love the way they look together.

I would honestly pick up another set of both "as a backup" in case they don't make it into reg items, but prob won't since I wouldn't wear it day in day out. Total hit if you asked me! Go out & grab it while you can!

xo, Mia

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYX/OPI/Sigma Haul

Just looking at the title is already ridiculous, but yes, I've been on a buying frenzy lately! So lets see, where do I start?  My fantastic new Sigma makeup brushes?? I ordered the Premium Professional Kit w/ roll b/c I found a discount code that was tweeted during Fashion Week bringing the costly $149 down to $129... $20 off, not bad!  So I ordered it & I fell in love the second I opened the box!

Large Fluff - E50 - Versatile fluff brush. Ideal for applying and blending powder products on the eyes and face. Can be used for applying single shades all over the lid, highlighting cheek bones, and for contouring.
Large Concealer - F65 - Large synthetic concealer brush. Can be used to apply cream-based products to large areas. Also ideal for application of liquid or cream blushes.Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15 - Medium size tapered duo fibre brush. Widely disperses highly pigmented or mineralized powders. Generates a natural look during blush and highlighter application.Tapered Face - F25 - Large domed brush with tapered tip. Ideal for application and blending of powder products, blush, and highlighter.Powder/Blush - F10 - Medium round brush with soft and natural bristles. Ideal for precise blush application. 
Tapered Highlighter - F35
 - Tapered cheek highlighter. Delicately rolls powder under eyes. The precise tip in this brush enhances cheek highlighting and contouring.Large Powder - F20 - Large paddle-shaped brush with fluffy and rounded tip. Suitable for application of powder products on face or body. Natural fiber bristles.
Tapered Blending - E35
 - Fluffy, long-bristled brush with tapered tip. Ideally used to apply and blend color to the crease area and to soften harsh edges.
Small Tapered Blending - E45
 - Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to precisely apply and blend intense colors to the crease area.Blending - E25 - Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.Concealer - F75 - Small synthetic concealer brush. Slightly pointed tip allows for perfect and precise application of cream products in small and defined areas.Flat Definer - E15 - Small, firm, and flat, this unique brush can be used to line the eyes for instant definition. Can be used with powder, liquid, or cream products.Short Shader - E20 - Flat, short, slightly rounded and dense brush. Perfect for precisely applying colors on the lid and smudging along the lash line.
Lip - L05 - Compact synthetic lip brush protected by a metal cap. Used for application of lip products such as lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms. 
Small Eye Liner - E10 - Delivers a precise fine-line along the lash line. The length and density of the bristles are ideal for creating artistic designs.

       Sigma Makeup offers a free travel size E25 brush with this kit!

I loved it so much in fact, that I had somehow justified buying the Premium Travel Kit in Hot Pink also!  But really, I cant carry around the giant Prem set all over the place!  All of the brushes are amazingly soft & perfect for the exact purpose its made for.
Brushes in this kit:
Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15, Tapered face -F25, Large Fluff - E50,Large Concealer - F65, Short Shader - E20, Small Eye Liner - E10, Small Tapered Blending - E45
Again a free Sigma Makeup offers a free travel size E25 brush with this kit!

So ULTA has the fantastic 40% off NYX, Revlon, Physicians Formula & Maybelline.  I found a few NYX eye pencils to use as bases (Cottage Cheese, Black Bean & Gold) & a eye primer in I'm extremely pleased with the purchases I made, until I walked by the nail polishes & was sucked into the gorgeous new colors OPI had for the fall.  BOGO 1/2 off suckers you every time.   OPI colors are Flashback Fuchsia, Diva of Geneva, Yodel Me on My Cell, Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous & an ORLY in Etoile.  

I also made a light purchase from the MAC Villains Collections, but I'll save that for another day since its a pre-order & its not in my hands to show off!

So those are my splurges for the month!  Til next time, Stay Glamorous!  

xo, Mia

Monday, September 20, 2010

SIGMA BRUSHES!! nuff said.

So I know I'm supposed to be MsMaryKay... but a couple of days ago I ordered a Sigma Brush set since they're compareable to MAC & thats what I've been using for years.  I'm going to post a review & comparison vid with my new Sigma set & the MK brush set I have within the next day.  I will say that the Sigma set is something that "hardcore" makeup artists will prefer since there are multiple brushes & each has a specific size for the precision needed, as opposed to the 5 bushes in the MaryKay set, which is perfect for every day use.

Whos that chick

Hey everyone! I'm new to the blogging community... I recently started throwing together some youtube tutorials & wanted to give a bit more info on the products I'm using or reviewing & I thought the best way to do it was to put together a blog that could be referenced & everyone wouldnt have to listen to my constant rambling! I know I already did a intro vid, but if you havent seen it, heres a rundown of who I am & why I'm here...
My name is Mia... MsMia if ya nasty! hahaa, just playin, had to get my Janet Jackson up in there... anyhoo... I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 who doesnt believe in looking like my kids ran me over with my own car! My oldest daughter is a vibrant 8 year old that is coming into her sassiness & my younger sweetheart is a 2 year old tough girl. Funny, they're little carbon copies of my & my lil sis! The love of my life is a graphic designer & with that said, you'll always see me fitted in something that someone we know has designed or something extremely girly. I'm a girly-girl turned t-shirt & jeans girl who is finding her way back to that girly style with an urban attitude!
I recently started using MaryKay & my love for the product turned me into a consultant! I absolutely stand by the skincare & am personally testing out the makeup products & showcasing them in my vids & pics. Majority of what I use will be MaryKay, but Ive been using makeup for YEARS & have built up a pretty serious collection of other stuff too... so I may use a different product & throw it out there that I WISH MaryKay had a similar product... Who knows, maybe someone at their Corporate Office will see it & actually MAKE that product!
So, my dear readers, stay tuned for the latest & greatest on my makeup adventures & look out for my rants, raves & reviews on here & youtube!

xo, Mia