Monday, September 20, 2010

Whos that chick

Hey everyone! I'm new to the blogging community... I recently started throwing together some youtube tutorials & wanted to give a bit more info on the products I'm using or reviewing & I thought the best way to do it was to put together a blog that could be referenced & everyone wouldnt have to listen to my constant rambling! I know I already did a intro vid, but if you havent seen it, heres a rundown of who I am & why I'm here...
My name is Mia... MsMia if ya nasty! hahaa, just playin, had to get my Janet Jackson up in there... anyhoo... I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 who doesnt believe in looking like my kids ran me over with my own car! My oldest daughter is a vibrant 8 year old that is coming into her sassiness & my younger sweetheart is a 2 year old tough girl. Funny, they're little carbon copies of my & my lil sis! The love of my life is a graphic designer & with that said, you'll always see me fitted in something that someone we know has designed or something extremely girly. I'm a girly-girl turned t-shirt & jeans girl who is finding her way back to that girly style with an urban attitude!
I recently started using MaryKay & my love for the product turned me into a consultant! I absolutely stand by the skincare & am personally testing out the makeup products & showcasing them in my vids & pics. Majority of what I use will be MaryKay, but Ive been using makeup for YEARS & have built up a pretty serious collection of other stuff too... so I may use a different product & throw it out there that I WISH MaryKay had a similar product... Who knows, maybe someone at their Corporate Office will see it & actually MAKE that product!
So, my dear readers, stay tuned for the latest & greatest on my makeup adventures & look out for my rants, raves & reviews on here & youtube!

xo, Mia

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