Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet & Greet w/ itsjudytime

The other night while checking to see if anyone posted any new videos, I ran across a quick vid from ItsJudyTime saying that she was in my area & was going to do a meet & greet over the weekend.  I totally jumped at the chance & emailed her to see if I could go since shes one of my top 5 gurus.  To be honest, I was completely geeked out over meeting her.  I brought along my best friend Rach, my sis Treen & the girls.  If you've ever watched her channel, Judy is exactly the way she is on Youtube.  Shes very sweet & humble & I'm completely impressed.  I did this it was the cutest thing ever the way Benjie was her PR & management, but thats a protective, supportive man if I've ever seen one.  I completely appreciated the Q&A session she did & the tips she gave.  If you haven't already checked her out, please do!  I also met MamaGee (Angee) & was kinda starstruck with her as well =)  I posted a few pics below from our afternoon.  Thanks Judy for taking time out of your vacation to meet with all of us! 
Rach, Judy, Mia & Trina
My girls & I as we waited for lunch
Rach & Judy

The gorgeous MamaGee & I
All of the ladies trying to take a pic =)

The YT guru supporter group :)

Thanks again Judy & Benjie!  Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Bay Area & come back soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Livin Life without Straining my Wallet... too much =)

I'm not sure about the rest of you beauty bloggers, but I know for a fact that I almost NEVER pay full price for anything if I can help it.  I'm all about surfing the net for coupon codes & deals.  I regularly get emails from Groupon, Yipit, LivingSocial, Babysteals, Kidsteals, PLNDR, Karmaloop & a number of other sites for "deals of the day".  It has honestly gotten out of hand & I usually just delete them now b/c even on a discount, it can suck you in & make you wanna buy EVERYTHING!  Crazy right?  Well today, I happened to get an email from Yipit & actually opened it up b/c the headline said something about an Aveda Massage & Facial package & saw there there was 50% off a beauty event in SF... TODAY!  The tickets were regularly $30 & it was offering them for $15!  Beauty Sample Sale
Now I'm not sure what was wrong with the site, but every time I clicked the link, it would show my cart as EMPTY!!  EXCUSE ME, I WANNA SEE MAKEUP TONIGHT!!  Whew, sorry about that.  So being the saavy internet explorer that I am, I hunted down alternate sites b/c I really want to go tonight, but dont want to spend $30 each for me & my sis.  I happened to run across a coupon code from another city... DCVIP or something like that.  So I enter it in, but put in SFVIP since its the SF event... what?!  Its FREE?!  SWEET!!  So thats my plans for tonight, checking out the Sample Sale being put on by, which is in partnership with Shape Magazine.  I'll be sure to post up some pics from the event, but for now, I want to share a couple of the sites I frequent that helps keep me out of the poor house & creditors off my back!  

Bay Area Mama
Kids Steals
Cool Mom Picks

So really, those are the ones I frequent a few times a week & are really worth checking out.  You stay up on the hippest clothes, events & products without breaking the bank!  Happy shopping folks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lashes Galore

For some reason, every time I've entered any store that had beauty products, I've automatically been drawn to the lashes section. I'm gonna have to admit that I'm horrible at putting in lashes. I'll try a couple of times then give up out of frustration. The 1st set of lashes I picked up was from Sephora. What I love about these lashes is how they look like they feather. They retail for $8. I checked the website & they're called "wispy".

The next ones I found were at my local CVS. They're by Ardell & the box says "Elegantly Wild Lashes", but I doubt that's the name of the type. The lashes are white with black wisps in between & glitter on them. I instantly thought they would be perfect for my Halloween costume! Did I mention I'm going to be "Alice"... From Alice in Wonderland if you didn't already get that. But here's what they look like...

The last set I happened to find on a quick run into Walgreens for some snacks for my kids. I was rushing by & what catches me eye? "no glue required"! What?! Now I'm a Duo glue girls all the way & have been for years, but I instantly jumped at the chance at not needing it. I'm gonna give them a shot & prob do a vid to show how easy it is to use... But if the vid never pops up, it's prob bc it was a total fail. I don't remember how much they cost exactly, but I know it was under $10. Revlon Flirty lashes w/ self adhesive strips.

I've picked up a few other items & 2 other lash sets, one elf & some other kit I found at target that had the little holder & glue, but couldn't find them in the chaos of boxes from my move. Anyhow, be sure to check back for the vid on me experimenting with all my lashes!

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A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Beautylish site while it was still in its beta form & instantly, I was hooked.  I love that you can see topics of discussion, reviews & gurus/mua's posting vids & links to their blogs.  The site went live to everyone else about 2 weeks ago (I think thats right...) & its still amazing.  The other day, there was a topic that I saw about exchanging blog links & jumped on the chance to get my blog out there.  Im fairly new to the blogging game... even the concept of completely putting myself out there is something different for me.  Ive def had a few more hits from the Beautylish blog & was extremely excited when I got a wall post this morning that my blog was actually featured in a blog they did called "Best Beauty Blogs"!!  I'm def hyped to check out the rest of the ladies that are also featured to expand not only my knowledge base, but my circle of friends.  Thank you Beautylish team for giving us ladies that opportunity! 

Dont forget to sign up on if you havent already & check out some of the other lovely ladies featured in the blog.

Best Beauty Blogs!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


So i know this is sooo the opposite of glam... in fact I'd call it ghetto-fab, but I love the look.  And "glamour" is way more than overdone makeup & expensive clothes.  Fashion is just as high on the totem pole as a done up face... and baby, these bottles are dressed to be shown off!!  

Truth be told, Im not a heavy Henn drinker... anymore.  But that doesnt mean that there isnt a bottle in my home at all times "just in case".  A friend of mine just sent me the following link ( & I swear i thought it said something about "fart"... uhh what?!  Hahaa, just playin. 

Now, you may or may not be ordering a shot of henn & a henn/coke as a back in the club (ahhem you drunkies!) but I bet you'd be more inclined to order something out one of those bottles!  Sadly, I want them all to display in my home.  So if you're looking for a housewarming gift for us, here it is!

Monday, October 11, 2010

OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous

So I finally found the time to try out my gorgeous new OPI nailcolor in Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous. I was kinda skeptical about buying it since I'm typically a "reds" girl & don't usually stray towards anything too dramatic. Hahaa, but really, red is as dramatic as it comes, so I guess what I mean is I don't usually get anything off the wall. A friend of mine suggested it & I obliged. I really love it! I kinda wish I got the satin or suede finish instead, but the color is amazing! Def a transition out of summery shades. Who knows, maybe I'll grab a couple more shades to keep my nails covered during the holidays!
XO Til next time,

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello NYC! Well, kinda...

What a week! Since we moved last weekend, I had to have my UD Book of Shadows forwarded by UPS to our new place, then we kept missing the guy & I almost had a meltdown bc I wanted my palette! But 5 days late, here it is!!

I haven't had the chance to try it out & swatch everything, but I'm thinking up a look to do so you all can see how fab these shadows really are! But I am soooo excited to show it off!
xo, Mia

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looove MAC Disney Venomous Villains!

So here's a preview of my super lustrous gloss in Hot House over the super sexy Violetta lipstick.

Both from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection. I absolutely love the colors & hope they make it part of the regular line. I've been on the hunt for a fuchsia ever since I saw the Kim K pic below & absolutely needed to preorder the gloss & lipstick!

I'm pretty sure I can wear both individually & it still look amazing... but I love the way they look together.

I would honestly pick up another set of both "as a backup" in case they don't make it into reg items, but prob won't since I wouldn't wear it day in day out. Total hit if you asked me! Go out & grab it while you can!

xo, Mia

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