Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lashes Galore

For some reason, every time I've entered any store that had beauty products, I've automatically been drawn to the lashes section. I'm gonna have to admit that I'm horrible at putting in lashes. I'll try a couple of times then give up out of frustration. The 1st set of lashes I picked up was from Sephora. What I love about these lashes is how they look like they feather. They retail for $8. I checked the website & they're called "wispy".

The next ones I found were at my local CVS. They're by Ardell & the box says "Elegantly Wild Lashes", but I doubt that's the name of the type. The lashes are white with black wisps in between & glitter on them. I instantly thought they would be perfect for my Halloween costume! Did I mention I'm going to be "Alice"... From Alice in Wonderland if you didn't already get that. But here's what they look like...

The last set I happened to find on a quick run into Walgreens for some snacks for my kids. I was rushing by & what catches me eye? "no glue required"! What?! Now I'm a Duo glue girls all the way & have been for years, but I instantly jumped at the chance at not needing it. I'm gonna give them a shot & prob do a vid to show how easy it is to use... But if the vid never pops up, it's prob bc it was a total fail. I don't remember how much they cost exactly, but I know it was under $10. Revlon Flirty lashes w/ self adhesive strips.

I've picked up a few other items & 2 other lash sets, one elf & some other kit I found at target that had the little holder & glue, but couldn't find them in the chaos of boxes from my move. Anyhow, be sure to check back for the vid on me experimenting with all my lashes!

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  1. I have never mastered it either. Looking forward to the video!