Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Livin Life without Straining my Wallet... too much =)

I'm not sure about the rest of you beauty bloggers, but I know for a fact that I almost NEVER pay full price for anything if I can help it.  I'm all about surfing the net for coupon codes & deals.  I regularly get emails from Groupon, Yipit, LivingSocial, Babysteals, Kidsteals, PLNDR, Karmaloop & a number of other sites for "deals of the day".  It has honestly gotten out of hand & I usually just delete them now b/c even on a discount, it can suck you in & make you wanna buy EVERYTHING!  Crazy right?  Well today, I happened to get an email from Yipit & actually opened it up b/c the headline said something about an Aveda Massage & Facial package & saw there there was 50% off a beauty event in SF... TODAY!  The tickets were regularly $30 & it was offering them for $15!  Beauty Sample Sale
Now I'm not sure what was wrong with the site, but every time I clicked the link, it would show my cart as EMPTY!!  EXCUSE ME, I WANNA SEE MAKEUP TONIGHT!!  Whew, sorry about that.  So being the saavy internet explorer that I am, I hunted down alternate sites b/c I really want to go tonight, but dont want to spend $30 each for me & my sis.  I happened to run across a coupon code from another city... DCVIP or something like that.  So I enter it in, but put in SFVIP since its the SF event... what?!  Its FREE?!  SWEET!!  So thats my plans for tonight, checking out the Sample Sale being put on by, which is in partnership with Shape Magazine.  I'll be sure to post up some pics from the event, but for now, I want to share a couple of the sites I frequent that helps keep me out of the poor house & creditors off my back!  

Bay Area Mama
Kids Steals
Cool Mom Picks

So really, those are the ones I frequent a few times a week & are really worth checking out.  You stay up on the hippest clothes, events & products without breaking the bank!  Happy shopping folks!

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