Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looove MAC Disney Venomous Villains!

So here's a preview of my super lustrous gloss in Hot House over the super sexy Violetta lipstick.

Both from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection. I absolutely love the colors & hope they make it part of the regular line. I've been on the hunt for a fuchsia ever since I saw the Kim K pic below & absolutely needed to preorder the gloss & lipstick!

I'm pretty sure I can wear both individually & it still look amazing... but I love the way they look together.

I would honestly pick up another set of both "as a backup" in case they don't make it into reg items, but prob won't since I wouldn't wear it day in day out. Total hit if you asked me! Go out & grab it while you can!

xo, Mia

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