Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet & Greet w/ itsjudytime

The other night while checking to see if anyone posted any new videos, I ran across a quick vid from ItsJudyTime saying that she was in my area & was going to do a meet & greet over the weekend.  I totally jumped at the chance & emailed her to see if I could go since shes one of my top 5 gurus.  To be honest, I was completely geeked out over meeting her.  I brought along my best friend Rach, my sis Treen & the girls.  If you've ever watched her channel, Judy is exactly the way she is on Youtube.  Shes very sweet & humble & I'm completely impressed.  I did this it was the cutest thing ever the way Benjie was her PR & management, but thats a protective, supportive man if I've ever seen one.  I completely appreciated the Q&A session she did & the tips she gave.  If you haven't already checked her out, please do!  I also met MamaGee (Angee) & was kinda starstruck with her as well =)  I posted a few pics below from our afternoon.  Thanks Judy for taking time out of your vacation to meet with all of us! 
Rach, Judy, Mia & Trina
My girls & I as we waited for lunch
Rach & Judy

The gorgeous MamaGee & I
All of the ladies trying to take a pic =)

The YT guru supporter group :)

Thanks again Judy & Benjie!  Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Bay Area & come back soon!

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