Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Morning lovelies!  I've been waiting on it & this morning it finally happened... Someone called me out on one of my YT vids about me being a Mary Kay Consultant, but using & promoting other brands.  I'm pretty sure I said it before, but I'll say it again just because it was brought up...

I've been a makeup lover for as long as I can recall, growing up in a house of women (my mama, lovely aunts, my gma & sis) how could I NOT love it?!  I grew up watching them get even more gorgeous before running out of the house with their friends & wishing I could play in their room.  I recall even "borrowing" my aunts MAC lipstick when I was in middle school & getting totally busted later.  So you could imagine the collection I've accumulated in my 28 years of life.  I use a wide array of brands, including MAC, Bare Esscentials, Urban Decay, Revlon, Mabelline & Mary Kay to name a few.  For me to say that I tossed out hundreds of dollars in makeup when I became a consultant would be a flat out lie.  Although I will admit that I've dumped any other skincare products & exclusively use the Timewise Sets, because they are formulated to work together for the best results.  My skin is in the best shape its ever been  (minus my teen years when everything was tight & perky) & I thank my cousin for introducing me to Mary Kay. 

So feel free to call me out when I use other products for my makeup, but the truth of the matter is that to achieve the high pigmentation & desired effect, I have to use more product, several different colors & blend blend blend.  Which isn't a problem, if I didn't have little animal children asking me for something every 2 mins, turning my 10 min makeup time into 30-40 mins.  Sigh.  But foreals, I don't discriminate on products or turn my nose up claiming that other  brands are crap compared to MK bc I know it isn't true.  I refuse to try to push a product on someone or lie about the results they would get.  Maybe that makes me a bad consultant in some peoples eyes, but I feel it makes me a better one.  Hopefully that kind of explains a bit...

Til next time, xo, Mia


  1. Hi Mia !

    I'm Régis, I'm french, and I'm not fluent in english...
    I try to understand your blog.

    I have seen your video(in youtube).
    I'm amazing about your teeth !!!
    Your smile is so white, it looks like a Hollywood star's smile !!!
    I find that your teeth are really perfect !
    But, why do you find some imperfections in your teeth ?
    I don't understand...
    Maybe,do you have decays or filling teeth ?

    Thanks for your answer...

    Regards !

    Régis.(From France)

  2. LOL! "borrowing" lipstick! i totally remember that! well, what a beautiful niece you've turned out to be! now i look to you for makeup advice and it's fun to see you so passionate about the things you love!