Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween guys!  I've been completely neglecting my blog, youtube & the entire world lately. With the move & getting settled, there just hasnt been any time to really sit down & enjoy my makeup & the videos that I did try to do, my macbook refused to process them!  So instead, heres a few pics from my families Halloween.  A couple days before Halloween, I tried out a Sugar Skull/Dia de Los Muertos look that turned out pretty good, but b/c my laptop ate the tutorial, I never posted the pics.  Boo!!  PS I got the inspiration from Wifezilla Hekela, check out her vids, they're AMAZING!

This one is from Saturday night.  My sweetheart was a Jabbawockeez... I wish I took a vid clip of him gettin down b/c THAT was priceless!!  If you cant tell already, I was Alice.  It was kinda cool b/c the spot we were at, all the waitresses were dressed as the Queen of Hearts!
These are my ever adorable girls as Minnie Mouse & a Harajuku Girl.  They're shoeless in this one, but Mims had some knee boots that completed her look & Jassy wore her fav cute maryjane slipons.

Heres a close up of the girls makeup... or as Jassy says "makeup polish".  Sad to admit it, but my girls LOOOOVE their makeup.  Mims was thrilled she got to use my UD palette & glittery eyeliner & Jassy sat still while I gave her whiskers & even took it upon herself to "swatch" a few colors while I did her sissys makeup!  Hope everyone had a safe & Happy Halloween!  Dont forget to brush those chompers!!


  1. WOW!! Super pretty!! It turned out GREAT! Love this and the kids look so cute ;)

  2. Did I mention THANKS!! You totally inspired me :)