Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ugh, I knew this was gonna happen. I dont blog on the weekends. Its just a fact that my weekends are dedicated to family stuff & there isnt any "me" downtime to sit & post pics & all that... even my post on friday was a total cop out. I blogged from the sidewalk in SJ while we were at the Halloway Release party at Aristocrats... I posted a pic, but didnt have my fav purse with me to show off... sigh. My bad. And its honestly not gonna get any better this week since its Thanksgiving & a gazillion parties to go to! So I'm gonna be honest & say I'm skipping the weekends & run it like a business week! LOL, ohh Mia, you're sucha cheater.

So todays blog is supposed to be my Fav brush & a photo that makes me happy...

My go to brush on the daily, that stays in my makeup bag is my Sigma SS217. Its the perfect size to live in my purse with my other must haves & it does just about every job possible! Need it to apply on your entire lid, go for it! Need it to blend, it can do that too! The only thing I will admin it cant do it line my lower lashes! Heres a few pics I took of it while its faaaairly clean.  This sucker can get real dirty, real quick!  But, its my <3

My Sis Trina
My Sis Rach
As far as a photo that makes me happy, its a toss up. The two pics that can make me smile any day is my sisters. The top on is my sis Trina & I can truly say she is my best friend. The second is Rach, my LYLARS... ohh stop it, do you really need me to traslate that?! Uhh, ok. Back in the elementary day, we would tell eachother that & it was short for "Love Ya Like a REAL Sister" & I do. Shes the Dionne to my Cher, the peanut butter to my jelly. Shes my friend <3 Hopefully that explains why I chose these two pics :) 

Thanks for reading & I'll see ya tomorrow!  xo, Mia

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