Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedal to the Gunmetal: Getting NAKED

Back to the lecture at haaannnd... So its been the absolute longest since I've blogged or even made a new video, so here goes both!  Lately I've been completely stuck on my Naked Palette, its so easy & wearable on an every day basis.  This was the first time I've used the Gunmetal & I really liked the way it came out.  Although I'd like say that the Naked Palette is super hyped up & that it flying off the shelves is a result of youtube... but it lives up to the hype.  The palette is so versatile & can be used for just about everything.  I've got the "original" that has the eyeliner, but I loooove the new one with the brush as well & may get it as my backup.  So check out the look I came up with below


  1. Hey that looks so pretty, you did a great job. I don't have this much hyped palette, I think all the hype actually turned me the other way, but I have to admit it has some beautiful colors!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I honestly LOVE this palette. I've found that recently, a lot of the looks I do are from either the UD Naked or Book of Shadows. UD is one of my favorite lines right now! Thank you so much for watching my video & checking out my blog! It really means a lot to me!