Friday, February 25, 2011

Attack of the Clones!

People say that the biggest form of flattery is when someone copies your every move... ummm... STALKER!!  hahaa, I'm playin.  Well, kind of at least.  It is extremely flattering when someone likes your style, but its completely different when they show up at school/work wearing the same exact fit you were wearing the day before.  AS IF AMBER!!(from Clueless, lol).  Hahaa, you cant totally tell I'm an 80's baby by some of the movie/show references I use!  I know that the whole point of the beauty gurus on youtube & beauty bloggers in general is to recreate the looks so that the rest of us can do it too.  What I truly love is when someone comes up with their own stuff because it inspires me to think outside the box.  The other thing that I love about all of the gorgeous people I follow is how even when they recreate a look, they all have their own personalities & twists that draws me in & makes me feel like they're all my friends.  Its a great reminder that they are who they are, and I am who I am.  I don't have to try to change who I am or the way that I speak or act to conform to what others do.  The other problem I seem to encounter is that what I would think of as cool & original, a gazillion other people have the same idea!  I haven't used my OPI Shatter the past week or so because I felt like a victim of hype & even my little cousin had her nails done with it!  Its still the coolest, but it made me think of different ways of using it.  I'll insert my tutorial when I get off work :)

A True Music Icon!
The other inspiration for this post was the Prince concert I went to last night.  As I was picking up the tickets at will call, it was nice to see the variety of fans that were of all ages & races.  Throughout the entire concert, Prince had on the most fantastic outfits.  My absolute favorite was the white pants, white sleeveless tank & white fur boots.  Ohh & please don't forget the chunky gold necklaces, super bedazzled ring & ear pieces!  I mean, what male in 2011 can truly pull that off?!  Please dont say Kanye.  I love Prince for staying true to who he has been all along & not try to change his style to rope in more fans in 2011.  Thanks the Lord that he didn't because he is iconic!  I wish I had a good shot of him & his costume changes, but alas, I was in the upper area & my iphone zoom is craptastic. 

Basically what my rambles are trying to get to is "don't be afraid to be yourself!"  A lot of people say it & its 100% true.  Don't worry about whether or not anyone else is into what you like.  Give it a shot & you'll more than likely to make a wonderful new friend that totally digs your style!  One of my best friends & I have this saying where "we are the party".  And its not in a conceited way where we think we're the ish & that its not a party without us.  More like we'll make any situation a party.  We can walk into a dive bar & have a great time regardless of whether or not the place is packed or crackin.  And in most instances, I can tell you for a fact that those moments when you're being yourself are waaaaay better than getting all glammed for the club & trying to maneuver your way to the bar for a drink & getting spilled on by the drunk girl trying to make her way to the bathroom!  So please, be yourself & don't fall prey to the world around you that wants to change you!  You are perfect exactly the way God made you!  Be true to who YOU are!

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  1. Prince is so sexy!! lol..happy belated birthday to you as well Mia! i meant to tell you that on FB just been extremely busy!! Hope all is well..xoxo