Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'll have to admit that I LOVE a good discount.  I'm on of those suckers that will buy 10 bags of marshmallows for $10 just because a dollar each is way better than the 1.50 it usually is.  Thats a stomach ache waiting to happen!  Geez I'm easily distracted... My point was, who can resist a discount?  Being a makeup artist or even a makeup enthusiast can get seriously expensive.  So you can only imagine my happy dance as I dropped my MAC Pro application in the mail yesterday :)  I literally cant wait to get 40% off my addiction.  So it made me think... where ELSE can I get a pro discount?!  I did a little digging & found a pose on Model Mayhem by Lily Wasik, a fellow MUA.  Additionally, also has a pro discount that varies with different brands.  And if you plan on attending IMATS LA this year, you can sign up for the makeup artist pro card here that will get you in Friday for an event that is specifically for PRO MUAs.  Good luck & happy shopping!!

BeneFit Cosmetics - 415-781-8153, call for info on how to sign up

Bobbi Brown - 877-310-9222, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount

Camera Ready Cosmetics -  - Reasonable prices, offers free shipping to pro's with a purchase of $40 or more and an editorial program.

Cinema Secrets - 818-846-0579, call for info on how to sign up, 10% discount

Color On Professional  888-725-4666, - sign up online and submit credentials via fax, 25% discount

Dermalogica's Insider Program - 40% off products, 20% off treatments.

Cover Fx

Di Kennedy - … ogram.html - Professional discount, no membership fee, submit proof of current profession (comp card, website, certification, etc.) via email, 30% discount on professional line on website.

Face Atelier - Preferred Pro Program, no membership fee, apply online, 40% discount

Gerda Spillmann  Professional MUA program, up to 50% off, offers opportunities for MUA sponsorships, contact them at 1-800-282-2332 to sign up.

Laura Mercier - Professional Makeup Artist Program, no membership fee, 40% discount

Lorac - 40% discount

MAC - MAC Pro Membership, $35 annual membership fee, 20-40% discount depending on field of work, special invites to pro events & classes

Make Up For Ever - Industrial Discount Card, Contact NY Boutique to e-mail application @ 212-941-9337, no membership fee, 20% - 40% discount

Nars  email for application & details on how to apply, no membership fee, 40% discount, excludes candles, also opportunity to get credit gratis if mention Nars usage in publications.

Nixie - Pro Card Membership, no membership fee, 40% discount, opportunity to get commission from referred sales (30%), welcome gratis 6 pan refillable eyeshadow palette w/6 eyeshadows (limited time only)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Professional discount, 
MUA, Models and Photographers qualify.  Send email to with name, shipping address and telephone number along with link to website, agency website, or online portfolio (including ModelMayhem!), or attach scan of comp card or tear sheet. 20% off all OCC cosmetics products except airbrush equipment, or already-discounted items such as airbrush makeup sets.

Paula Dorf - 888-472-8523, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount

Philosophy รข€¦ ab=std_alp - Coloring Club, no membership fee, 25% discount off skincare & color cosmetics only, plus welcome gratis

Shu Uemura - 1-888-SHU-5678, call for info on how to sign up, 30% discount

Smashbox - 888-763-1361, call for info on how to sign up, 35% discount

Stila - 866-415-1332, call for info on how to sign up, 40% discount (but you must go to the store)

Sue Devitt Studio  email:, re: MUA/Pro Discount, 888-870-1150, 40% discount

Temptu Professional Discount, Contact NY store to email application & requirements @ 212-675-4000, no membership fee, 10% discount on training, equipment & package deals, & 20% discount on all makeup, body art products & stencils

Three Custom Colors  email:, re: Professional Discount Program, 30% discount

Trucco (Sebastian) -, 800-935-5273, 50% discount (only in the store)

Urban Decay, Makeup Artist Program, Contact:  Rachael Rosenthal Director of Customer Service & E-Commerce, currently working to put official program in place, but can receive a one-time 20% discount with issued code upon approval.

Vincent Longo - MUA discount, no membership fee, check MUA box when you register online & they email you further criteria, 30% discount

Yaby Cosmetics - - MUA discount, no membership fee, go to website and creat a personal account, then email or fax one of the following proofs (call sheet, editorial credits, professional reference letter or union membership card) to or 1-866-404-5999, 20% discount will be applied to your account upon verification.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Slight Shift in Focus

Within the last year, there has been a MAJOR shift in my life, as far as trying to find not only what I'm good at, but also what I love.  For the past 8 1/2 years of my life, all I've been (and I don't mean it in a bad way) is a mom.  I really emphasis that being a parent has been the single most rewarding job I've ever had & nothing makes me more proud than my beautiful girls.  I say "all I've been" it in a way that specifies that every waking moment of my life, has been about providing & being the mom my kids need.  Thank the Lord that I have family that supports me AND I found a man that has taken the time to lift me up & encourage me to find something that is for ME, that I love to do.  

A little over a year ago, I started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics... and while I found myself loving the skincare line, I also discovered I'm not the greatest sales person.  I tried working retail in my teens & I wasn't that great at it back then either.  So in an effort to get myself out there, I tried getting into the YouTube Beauty Community.  Lets just say that I thought I was even worse at that.  I wont say never, but for now, I'm out of that game.  

Back in March, I found classes at Marinello School of Beauty & an amazing mentor in Christine Pacifico.  I know I've mentioned her in a previous post, but I don't think I really gave her the credit she truly deserved.  Not only is Christine a renowned makeup artist, she writes for the San Jose Examiner, AND mentors her students inside & out of the classroom.  I've never met someone with such a big heart that honestly wanted her students to succeed & provided them the opportunities to do so.  Honestly, I can talk her up all day.  I talked the class up so much, that my fellow beauty enthusiast & coworker is currently in her class!  Through Christine, I've also connected with Photographers, like Eddie Cotillon; Designers, like Debbie Nghiem of GG Connections; and especially other MUAs, like MakeupbyArlene.  

Its been such a blessing to make this change, meeting & connection with so many different people.  This has definitely been an investment I value & do not regret.  To think that I was skeptical about taking the class & spending the money... but it was well worth it.  I can call myself a PRO MUA & apply for all the discounts associated with it.  Yes, I'll be sending in my MAC Pro application, as well any other program that will allow me discounts to feed my obsession!  

So that's all.  I just wanted to throw it out there in case any of my 10 (lol you guys are killin me that you read my blog but don't follow it!) followers was wondering how some Mary Kay Consultant started working on photoshoots.  On to the next...

xxoo, a

Monday, May 23, 2011

The COVER of a Magazine?!

Sigh, A girl can dream... but hopefully, it will happen in August!  Yesterday I worked on a photoshoot with Coast2CoastInk Magazine, a brand new magazine geared toward the rise in tattoo culture & the positivity surrounding it.  I found Namu, the amazing photographer, Managing Partner and Editor of Coast2Coast Ink, on Model Mayhem.  Seriously, if you arent on there, get on!  I'd call Model Mayhem a cross between Craigslist & Facebook for the "industry".  And you can be just anyone off the street signing up.  They have "gate keepers" that you submit your profile to & they preview your info & check to see if you submitted everything you need.  Keeps the weiros off!  I was actually nervous to sign up for fear of them rejecting my profile & basically telling me I didn't have the background to be on there! 
Anyhow, back to the photoshoot.  Everyone there was extremely professional & friendly.  It lasted about 4 hours, but I left just shy of the 4 hours because I did have family obligations.  I have to admit that I googled Namu, the location (was actually at LensVisons Studios in Fremont) & Coast2CoastInk to make sure everything was legit, as EVERYONE should... but it was a whole different level of comfort to see Namu's wife & son hanging out & taking pictures on set while we waited for the rest of the models to arrive.  Its always a pleasure to work with people that go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable. 

There were a lot of gorgeous models & the shots looked amazing!  Granted this was a test shoot & a lot of product shots, but I've got my fingers crossed that one of my models makes the cover of the premiere issue.  I'm also hopeful that I can work with these guys in the future for any of their events, shoots or anything else they need help with!  Once I get some of the photos back, I'll be sure to post it up!

Til my next adventure...

xo, Mia

Friday, May 20, 2011

Photoshoots & Fashion Shows... Ohh My!

Photos via Cristina Ribeiro FB

Photos via Cristina Ribeiro FB

Never in my wildest... (ok that's a lil extreme of me) did I picture myself doing makeup for fashion shows or photoshoots.  Well, to be honest, I always wished I WAS the model, but my 5'0" height, even if I wore 5" hells, doesnt really give me that option.  The next best thing that I've found, is makeup.  Back in March, I started Makeup Courses at Marinello School of Beauty in San Mateo, CA & finished end of April... So what does that mean?  I have my Makeup Certification!  woohoo!  The coolest thing about the class is the way our teacher, Christine Pacifico (I couldn't even begin to list all of her accolades) really gives her all to her students.  She  is an amazing educator that gives her students the resources & opportunities to succeed.  Just last week I was privileged to work alongside Christine & my fellow graduates on the models in the GG Connections Fashion Show for the Ao Dai Festival. Some of the photos from that day can be found here.

Photos via Cristina Ribeiro FB

I was also lucky enough to work with an up & coming model, Andrea Perelson, who is a current Miss California Contestant!  I happened to find her on Model Mayhem via posting that she was looking for a MUA for a couple projects.  Shes amazingly sweet & obviously gorgeous!  I'll definately be rooting for her to win!!  And through her, I met an amazing Photographer, Lui' Martinez, who I surprisingly had A LOT in common with! Lui' is a all over the Hula/Tahitian Scene in the Bay Area & has ties with people from my Halau as well.  Hopefully he & I will be able to coordinate for future projects.  Small world huh?

Photography by Lui' Martinez

I just feel so blessed to have a running start in the industry & amazing contacts to really help me & mentor me.  I'm so thankful that I made the decision to really invest in moving into the beauty industry, beyond YouTube, because truthfully, I thought I sucked at making videos.  I really respect the ladies (and gents!) that put themselves out there day in day out.  So pretty much, this blog is going to be more of a way to chronicle my journey.  Please be sure to check out my new Facebook "fan" page... I really hate that its called a "fan" page.  And while you're at it, check out my Model Mayhem profile too :) Til next time my lovelies!

xoxo, Mia