Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coast2Coast Ink Mag... Get on their HYPE

As you know from a previous post, I had the privledge of working with the Coast2Coast Ink staff on an amazing photoshoot for product promotions & whatever else they wanted to use the pics for.  To my humbled surprise, I was asked to join their team as their Northern California (they're all over the place!) MUA.  It's a fantastic feeling to know that I made an impact on them & can now be found on their Staff Page!  HOLLLAA!!  They're a fun group of people to work with that has a great work ethic & respect for individuality.  Although I'm not heavily covered in artwork like many of the other staff, which by the way, makes me feel like a wimp compared to the 44+ tattoo some of them got, I have a great respect for the art.  The ones I do have, if any of you are wondering, is two tribal turtles on my shoulder with hibiscus shells; and a (smh) so called tramp stamp of plumerias/hibiscus flowers.  I was young, go figure.  But I am in the process of trying to connect the two to make it more appealing when I'm dancing with my halau sistas.  Geez I'm easily distracted... But as I was saying, make sure to keep C2CInk on your radar.  I cant wait for the 1st issue to come out & to see who they feature & collab with.  I'd love to see a feature on Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe (aka Mark of the Four Waves) in the future, which is something I truly would like to be a part of someday to trace back my own family history & see the story told on my body.  None the less, thank you Namu & all of the C2C Ink family for letting me be a part of your journey.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Art of Makeup with Men

Lets be real, men are generally quick to roll their eyes at the time & energy women put into their daily makeup routines.  So its something else when I'm doing male makeup & they "get it" that you just want them to look good.  Theres no way around it that makeup truly enhances faces, male or female.  I can erase those dark circles, even out skin tones & chisel in those strong facial features.  Boys dont like to admit it, but once they see that flawless skin looking back at them, they love it.

I had a full weekend of work, with men & women, and loved every moment.  The wonderful guys of Naked Suits had me come out & work on 4 models;  2 handsome men & 2 gorgeous ladies... one of which is Ms Marin, the beautiful Andrea Perelson, that I've had the pleasure of working with on several occassions now.  This shoot was purely coincidence!  The gig was for their new "Get Naked" campaign & it was amazing!  Albert & Ming, the company owners, were great to work with.  They had their concepts for the shoot locked, all of the props & even had some healthy snacks handy for everyone!  You can find the custom fitted, breathable, super stylish, weatherproof Naked Suits at RAG SF on Octavia or on the website.  I literally cant wait to see the campaign in full swing!

The other big thing I had going on was my very first music video!  It was for a local artist here in the Bay Area.  Ironically, I was scheduled to help Andrea out on a video the same day & then saw a posting for a music video on craigslist & contacted them.... turns out it was the same thing!  So we were able to work together, yet again.  She is definately becoming one of my fav clients!  It was a long day full of different locations/scenes, but thankfully, the artists were easy to work with & really laid back.  I find that the more laid back a client is, the easier it is to work your magic & handle your biz.  Its definately a pet peeve of mine when someone wants to look in the mirror every time you dip your brush for more color.  I worked on a handful of ladies & a couple of the guys, but opted not to take pictures because the quality wouldve been less than what I want since it was in a dark restaurant/bar.  But I will make sure I post up the video for everyone to check out once post-production is complete!  Thanks again Paul & Harman for having me!!  You were both incredible & sweet!

Waiting for my next adventure...  Mia

Thursday, June 2, 2011

BAYFashion Magazine

Another photoshoot?!  Why yes, I HAVE been extremely busy!  In all honesty, I expected my Memorial Day weekend to be fairly low key as far as working.  I expected to sit home & veg with my family & fit in some BBQ & drinks.  I did exactly that Saturday... that is until I got a text from the gorgeous Tam for the Swimsuit Edition of BAYFashion Mag that will be coming out in July.  Pretty exciting, right!?  I was pretty stoked to get that text & did a double check on my kit to make sure everything was in order.  

Fast forward to day of, it was a morning of hectic getting the girls ready & getting on site for the shoot.  5 models backed out & there were too many MUAs.  We worked it out & thankfully, I was one of the MUAs that stayed, thanks to the wonderful editor of BAYFashion, Shankha.  I was also lucky enough to work with Debbie Nghiem of GG Connections again.  Her swimsuit designs are original & amazing!  I also got to meet new photographers & models, which I always love to do!  

All my life, I've dreamed up this glamorous world of modeling & how everything is so lavish for them... well what we don't see, is all of the hard work they put in.  Bay Area weather right now... lets just say its HORRIBLE!!  It was semi-sunny, but it was extremely chilly.  We were on site on a farm & were supposed to shoot at Half Moon Bay later that day.  That's right.  Barn, horses, meadows, chickens... Imagine it.  Bikinis, high heels and horse poop!  Don't get me wrong, the pics, which I cant show until the issue comes out, are AHH-MAY-ZING!!  But I have a totally different respect for models after physically being there & being a part of creating those shots.  "Stand this way. Suck that in.  Lean forward.  More.  Less"  whew.  I'm sayin.  We ended up not moving on to Half Moon Bay because of the high possibility of the models turning to ice in that water.  But none the less, I wouldn't hesitate to be a part of it all over again!  

I really am looking forward to the issue coming out.  The models are beautiful, the designers are amazing, the photographers are talented & the MUAs created flawless faces!  Stay up on BAYFashion Magazine, they're definitely comin up!

On to the next adventure!  <3 Mia