Thursday, June 2, 2011

BAYFashion Magazine

Another photoshoot?!  Why yes, I HAVE been extremely busy!  In all honesty, I expected my Memorial Day weekend to be fairly low key as far as working.  I expected to sit home & veg with my family & fit in some BBQ & drinks.  I did exactly that Saturday... that is until I got a text from the gorgeous Tam for the Swimsuit Edition of BAYFashion Mag that will be coming out in July.  Pretty exciting, right!?  I was pretty stoked to get that text & did a double check on my kit to make sure everything was in order.  

Fast forward to day of, it was a morning of hectic getting the girls ready & getting on site for the shoot.  5 models backed out & there were too many MUAs.  We worked it out & thankfully, I was one of the MUAs that stayed, thanks to the wonderful editor of BAYFashion, Shankha.  I was also lucky enough to work with Debbie Nghiem of GG Connections again.  Her swimsuit designs are original & amazing!  I also got to meet new photographers & models, which I always love to do!  

All my life, I've dreamed up this glamorous world of modeling & how everything is so lavish for them... well what we don't see, is all of the hard work they put in.  Bay Area weather right now... lets just say its HORRIBLE!!  It was semi-sunny, but it was extremely chilly.  We were on site on a farm & were supposed to shoot at Half Moon Bay later that day.  That's right.  Barn, horses, meadows, chickens... Imagine it.  Bikinis, high heels and horse poop!  Don't get me wrong, the pics, which I cant show until the issue comes out, are AHH-MAY-ZING!!  But I have a totally different respect for models after physically being there & being a part of creating those shots.  "Stand this way. Suck that in.  Lean forward.  More.  Less"  whew.  I'm sayin.  We ended up not moving on to Half Moon Bay because of the high possibility of the models turning to ice in that water.  But none the less, I wouldn't hesitate to be a part of it all over again!  

I really am looking forward to the issue coming out.  The models are beautiful, the designers are amazing, the photographers are talented & the MUAs created flawless faces!  Stay up on BAYFashion Magazine, they're definitely comin up!

On to the next adventure!  <3 Mia

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