Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ohh, The Places You'll Go!

Ahh, one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  So much so that it was a graduation gift to my sister when she finished college 3 years ago!  You can check out her adventures here... but thats not what this blog is about.  My blog is obviously about my personal adventures & today was certainly something to talk about! 

Today, I had the opportunity to work on my very first movie... thats right, a MOVIE!  I was hyped!  Umm, stop it, I'm STILL hyped!  This was another amazing opportunity from my friend & mentor, Christine Pacifico.  She's well into  her second class session since mine ended, but I still adore her all the same for the opportunities she presents her former & current students.  She possesses the kind of morals & ethics that are hard to find in this industry where her teaching goals are to build up her students to reach their full potential... Definitely not one to hinder anyone from opportunities.  If you've ever wanted to really get into the industry, she is the woman to talk to!  Marinello School of Beauty in San Mateo... seriously.   No, foreals guys... movie sets.  

Six months ago I would never have thought I would be working on half of the stuff I've been doing.  Yet here I am, getting "scolded" for laughing & giggling because the boom is picking us up from outside with doors closed!  Or being given 15 mins to finish up an actress who still needs hair, lipstick, eyelashes & wardrobe... all at the same time!  That poor woman had at least 3 people poking & prodding her at once.  Mind you, attempting to put on bright red lipstick on someone while another person is tugging & pulling at their hair is NOT an easy task!  But they ended up looking absolutely stunning!  Its kinda awesome to see a regular face transform & pull you in with their scene, only to leave you wanting more. Obviously it wasn't the whole movie filmed today & since I'm not the actress or director, I'm pretty much in the dark about what comes next after the actress walks away!  So I cant wait for the premiere to find out what really was going on between them!  Also so I can share my work with everyone & feel that joy watching how a little lipstick & eyelashes played a part in a actual movie!  Days like this make waking up at 5am less painful for sure.  

Catch ya on set, 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charity... It makes your heart smile

As you all know from previous posts, my daughter has a lifelong medical disorder in which she needs chronic blood transfusions every 3 weeks.  I don't think we've ever dwelled on this major life factor because my daughter and our family have been blessed with a network of support from the very moment I found out about her condition during my pregnancy.  This year, we will be celebrating another milestone for my little girl, as she will be going to her very first sleep away camp!  The camp is a 5 day, fun filled adventure in Southern California at The Painted Turtle.  The Non-Profit organization caters to children with serious medical conditions year round.  The camp is FREE OF CHARGE & is dedicated to providing that amazing camp experience that these children might not get the opportunity to attend otherwise.  As any parent could tell you, sending your child away to camp for the first time is an anxious feeling; but a parent of a child with special circumstances could almost guarantee that their child wouldn't experience it.  The Painted Turtle has been around for years & has really taken everything into account to accommodate each session of children.  Additionally, there is a 2:1 camper to counselor ratio & you actually have to apply to get into this camp.  So we get to take a road trip from the San Francisco Bay Area down to SoCal in a few weeks for her to attend.  

So what is this charity business that made me title the blog... I always sign up for updates from any organization that we are associated with or have been a part of for Mailyna's beta thal, so I got an update for a San Francisco event that The Painted Turtle is holding.  Next Tuesday, July 26th, there is going to be a Charity Event at Jones SF.  Here is the info:

Tuesday, July 26 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

620 Jones Street

More Info
Join us on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 for an evening to benefit the Painted Turtle Camp (, a camp for kids with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Jones will donate 10% from all food and drink purchases to camp - a great way to enjoy a summer evening with friends for a terrific cause!

Please spread the word and invite your friends! The more we eat and drink, the more kids we can send to camp! REMEMBER: Camp is free for all campers - the Painted Turtle has no billing department.

Now I know it's a Tuesday, but everyone has to eat dinner... and who doesn't love a little evening night-cap?!  So why not do both & help out a great cause!  The venue is in the heart of downtown SF & from the photos on the website, Jones looks phenomenal!  And I really try not to sob-story anyone, but until you or someone you love is in the thick of it, its easy to forget that there are people and helpless children out there that really could use your help.  And to be completely honest, it really does make my heart feel full knowing that I've contributed, no matter how small, to helping a child feel loved, supported & special.  

Til next time my lovelies, 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Building Rapport

This is a fun topic :) defines "rapport" as follows:

(ra-pawr, -pohr, ruh-)
Relation; connection, especially harmonious or sympathetic relation: 
a teacher trying to establish close rapport with students. 
fellowship, camaraderie, understanding.
 A good way to break it down would be rapport = relationships.  Not in the "that's my man" kinda relationship, more like friends, colleagues, associates & industry connections.  In my opinion, your rapport translates automatically to ones willingness to work or collaborate with someone else.  I wouldn't say its meaning is your reputation, but there is a direct correlation.  If you have good rapport, it builds on someones willingness to not only work with you, but recommend you as well.  Who would you rather work for.. the sweet girl with exceptional skills that everyone raves about.... or the lady with the phenomenal skills that everyone cringes when you hear her name?  I'm sayin.
Building bridges, networking, socializing... that's how you move up & around.  I've worked with many different photographers, all of whom have done wonders with their cameras.  However, I do have my go-to guys that I clicked with on a personal level & would consider "my friends" in addition to my colleagues.  I smile & laugh & joke (when appropriate of course) because no one wants to work with the stick in the mud... but it also eases situations.  Trust me when I say I'm professional at all times, but I'm easy going & more than willing to go with the flow.  Its a true compliment when anyone tells me how easy it is to work with me & it builds my rapport with them & they can say with confidence that our time together was pleasant.  
It's a lot of work building connections & getting who you are out there.  But please believe that all of that can disappear in an instant if someone has a bad experience with you.  In every industry, people are connected.  Here in the SF Bay Area, it is a large area, but within it are smaller communities & interests that overlap.  It is surprisingly easy to rub someone the wrong way & have rumors (true or untrue) spread like wildfire.  And we all know, once gossip spreads, its almost impossible to completely mend that instance.  So what am I saying?  Protect your image.  Show restraint.  Don't let em see you sweat.  And above all else, SMILE!  Thanks for reading!

**On a side note, please, for the love of cake & ice cream, do NOT pronounce it as "report".  It makes me wanna punch you in your face for your lack of vocabulary & English skills**

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anxiety, Appropriateness & Assurances

Call it the BGs... butterflies... excitement... nervousness... I don't know about all of you, but every time I have something booked, I get it.  I've been doing my own makeup for as long as I can remember AND I like to think I do a fairly decent job.  I've also been making up other peoples faces for quite some time.  So its beyond me why I get that icky feeling that I'll end up making someone look like a clown & they'll tell everyone they know I'm horrible!!  One tip I've tried to live by is to always "look my best"...  which entails doing my makeup & hair.  Never fails, I over compensate & end up looking a hot mess, only to end up needing to remove my makeup & try again to something I'm more comfortable in.  Its the nerves I tell you!  But regardless, I always put my best foot forward & present myself in a manner that is respectable & professional.  I truly believe that your character is important and that any little incident can be twisted & spread like wildfire!  I want to make an amazing impression & I want people to remember me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to have fun, I just know what is appropriate when I'm in "work mode".  And that's another thing that makes me nervous.  Unprofessionalism of anyone I'm working with.  A sure fire turn off is someone that makes the impression that they're "the life of the party" by trying too hard.  I'm  big on being on time, smiling & killin em with kindness every chance I get.  One thing you will NOT see from me is getting too chummy with anyone associated with a project for 3 reasons:  Number One, I am & have been for a long time, in an amazing relationship & would never ever jeopardize that for anyone; Number Two, I don't want to be treated like a piece of "meat" because I respect myself way too much for that kind of behavior; Number Three, I want people to know me for my ability as a makeup artist & want people to smile when they hear my name!  All of that makes me extra nervous!  There's a lot at stake when you put yourself out there.  I see all the "guru gossip" sites & really shake my head.  All of us make mistakes & are entitled to do so.  We're all human & deserve our privacy, but unfortunately, in this age, the internet puts all of us on blast.  I absolutely love the industry that I'm trying to penetrate, but I also have a family, and my personal life.  At the end of the day, I know who I am, what I strive to do & I can go to bed with the feeling that I am proud of my life & who I have become.  Honestly, this applies to anything you do in life.  Everyone has experienced it.  Just keep it in mind.  Kim K may have been launched to stardom because of something that was "leaked", but we also saw how she was devastated when she cried on TV & didn't want to be known as the girl willing to take her clothes off all the time during that Playboy issue ;)  Yes, I love me some KUWTK.  Respect yourself & other people will respect you as well.  Now that's what I'm sayin!  Random blog, I know.  But I felt like someone needed to say it.