Monday, July 11, 2011

Anxiety, Appropriateness & Assurances

Call it the BGs... butterflies... excitement... nervousness... I don't know about all of you, but every time I have something booked, I get it.  I've been doing my own makeup for as long as I can remember AND I like to think I do a fairly decent job.  I've also been making up other peoples faces for quite some time.  So its beyond me why I get that icky feeling that I'll end up making someone look like a clown & they'll tell everyone they know I'm horrible!!  One tip I've tried to live by is to always "look my best"...  which entails doing my makeup & hair.  Never fails, I over compensate & end up looking a hot mess, only to end up needing to remove my makeup & try again to something I'm more comfortable in.  Its the nerves I tell you!  But regardless, I always put my best foot forward & present myself in a manner that is respectable & professional.  I truly believe that your character is important and that any little incident can be twisted & spread like wildfire!  I want to make an amazing impression & I want people to remember me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to have fun, I just know what is appropriate when I'm in "work mode".  And that's another thing that makes me nervous.  Unprofessionalism of anyone I'm working with.  A sure fire turn off is someone that makes the impression that they're "the life of the party" by trying too hard.  I'm  big on being on time, smiling & killin em with kindness every chance I get.  One thing you will NOT see from me is getting too chummy with anyone associated with a project for 3 reasons:  Number One, I am & have been for a long time, in an amazing relationship & would never ever jeopardize that for anyone; Number Two, I don't want to be treated like a piece of "meat" because I respect myself way too much for that kind of behavior; Number Three, I want people to know me for my ability as a makeup artist & want people to smile when they hear my name!  All of that makes me extra nervous!  There's a lot at stake when you put yourself out there.  I see all the "guru gossip" sites & really shake my head.  All of us make mistakes & are entitled to do so.  We're all human & deserve our privacy, but unfortunately, in this age, the internet puts all of us on blast.  I absolutely love the industry that I'm trying to penetrate, but I also have a family, and my personal life.  At the end of the day, I know who I am, what I strive to do & I can go to bed with the feeling that I am proud of my life & who I have become.  Honestly, this applies to anything you do in life.  Everyone has experienced it.  Just keep it in mind.  Kim K may have been launched to stardom because of something that was "leaked", but we also saw how she was devastated when she cried on TV & didn't want to be known as the girl willing to take her clothes off all the time during that Playboy issue ;)  Yes, I love me some KUWTK.  Respect yourself & other people will respect you as well.  Now that's what I'm sayin!  Random blog, I know.  But I felt like someone needed to say it.


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