Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ohh, The Places You'll Go!

Ahh, one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  So much so that it was a graduation gift to my sister when she finished college 3 years ago!  You can check out her adventures here... but thats not what this blog is about.  My blog is obviously about my personal adventures & today was certainly something to talk about! 

Today, I had the opportunity to work on my very first movie... thats right, a MOVIE!  I was hyped!  Umm, stop it, I'm STILL hyped!  This was another amazing opportunity from my friend & mentor, Christine Pacifico.  She's well into  her second class session since mine ended, but I still adore her all the same for the opportunities she presents her former & current students.  She possesses the kind of morals & ethics that are hard to find in this industry where her teaching goals are to build up her students to reach their full potential... Definitely not one to hinder anyone from opportunities.  If you've ever wanted to really get into the industry, she is the woman to talk to!  Marinello School of Beauty in San Mateo... seriously.   No, foreals guys... movie sets.  

Six months ago I would never have thought I would be working on half of the stuff I've been doing.  Yet here I am, getting "scolded" for laughing & giggling because the boom is picking us up from outside with doors closed!  Or being given 15 mins to finish up an actress who still needs hair, lipstick, eyelashes & wardrobe... all at the same time!  That poor woman had at least 3 people poking & prodding her at once.  Mind you, attempting to put on bright red lipstick on someone while another person is tugging & pulling at their hair is NOT an easy task!  But they ended up looking absolutely stunning!  Its kinda awesome to see a regular face transform & pull you in with their scene, only to leave you wanting more. Obviously it wasn't the whole movie filmed today & since I'm not the actress or director, I'm pretty much in the dark about what comes next after the actress walks away!  So I cant wait for the premiere to find out what really was going on between them!  Also so I can share my work with everyone & feel that joy watching how a little lipstick & eyelashes played a part in a actual movie!  Days like this make waking up at 5am less painful for sure.  

Catch ya on set, 


  1. Wow, such a cool experience...congrats!!

  2. Thank you @TracyD! I loved it & cant wait for more!