Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One of the biggest indicators that you've "made it" in Hollywood is having your own scent.  A-listers all over the world have partnered with companies to create their own signature scent, the latest being the new Mrs. Kim Kardashian (Humpheys).  Earlier this month NY Daily News reported the Kim Kardashian would be releasing 1000 bottles of a limited edition wedding fragrance called "love" for her wedding party, guests & 799 bottles to be sold to fans.  Such an amazing gift to her wedding party that will bring all those feelings of happiness & love every time they wear it.  So whats my point?  Well, I can give you that same feeling!!  

No, I dont have the secret recipe for "Love" by Kim K... but I CAN help you or anyone you know create your very own scent just like she did!  I'm now a part of a company that specialized in allowing you to create your very own scent.  Its a simple process of taking a whiff of an array of base notes, heart notes & top notes, listing your favs & putting them together to fit you & only you!      The moment I created my own scent, I knew I had to share this concept with all the lovelies in my life.  I'd love to help brides do the same as the new Mrs Humphreys & create that long lasting memory in a bottle!  

I mean, its not exclusively for brides, I've created scents for women of all ages.  From my little cousins to my mom & sister.  Men, women, doesn't matter.  Everyone loves to smell nice!  You may think that something like that would be ridiculously expensive... but I'd gladly shell out $35 for a personalized bottle of my own pure oil, no alcohol or water added, parfum!  Thanks to Ms Christine Pacifico & Angie Ayala, anyone near me can enjoy "Mia'mour".  Credit to my mama for naming my signature scent!

So if you'd like to create your very own signature scent, you know where to find me!


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