Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making A Difference: Embrace Fashion Show

As I get older, I realize how much I appreciate my life, the opportunities I've been blessed with & the importance of giving back.  Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Embrace Fashion Show put on by the ladies of Embriven, Dora & Athena, along with JVC.  The show was a benefit against human trafficking.  It felt great to be a part of something so big.  There are movies out there (Taken // 2008)& tv shows that touch on it, but its easy to forget how very real it is.  So many people give me "the face" when I say I'm a Makeup Artist, but I do try to use my MUA powers for good sometimes too!!
We started prep for the models around 1pm & pretty much worked all day until 6ish around the models between different "stations" for hair, eyeshadow, liner, lashes & face; as well as run-throughs & changes.  I'd have to say it was extremely efficient to each take a task & be "the master" of it for the day.  My task, you ask? I was the flasies MASTER!  The continuity was great & we work amazingly as a team.  Like usual, heres a few shots & the video of the actual show, but for more, check out my facebook page!

Til next time my lovlies, Mia

Photo credit to Ms Liza Santa Ana <3