Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FAME: Young & Reckless

How LAAAATE am I on this one?! Well, lets just say that the show was Sept 17th... I'm way behind on blogging the events I've been a part of!  This show was an important one for me for 2 reasons.  The first was the look.  It was the first show that I've been able to do more than just "beauty".  The look was a fun punk/goth look.  Extremely heavy on the eyes.  The second reason... I've been to Bobbi Vie's events before because my friends always have booths (Breezy Excursion, Fully Laced, City League, Petals&Peacocks, Booger Kids... I really could go on for DAYS)... but this time, I was there for me.  It truly is something else to be a part of the event in your own right.  I got to be more than just "J's lady" for the festivities!  

Despite a few power glitches that added the new skill of "makeup using iphone flashlights" to my resume, the event was fantastic!  LOL, just imagine all the models wanting to charge their phones, fans to cool off the little rooms filled with all the models, a tattoo gun, the hair room w/ all the flatirons, curling irons & blow dryers, all of the regular lights AND the Fully Laced crew with their flood lights!  Gotta love the Fully Laced fam <3  But seriously, every 3 mins, the lights were going off!  Being the pros we are, we handled it & the models rocked the stage!  It was great meeting new MUAs & networking with such amazing people!  Thanks again Ivadell & Bobbi for giving me the chance to work the show!  Here's a few of my favs that I grabbed off Bobbi Vie's site & even more pics here courtesy of  P. Szeto Photography.  I'll try to link up more pics on my FB, but who knows how long that'll take!

Ryan of Breezy & Vicki of Petels&Peacocks
Jon of Fully Laced

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