Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Daughter the Super Model

A few weeks ago, my daughter had the opportunity to model in a fashion show that I was working.  It was the very first time she walked the runway & I've gotta tell you, she's a NATURAL!  The show was a benefit for at-risk youth in San Jose.  Call time was 7am, so she had to be there along side me & the MUA's and all the other models.  She had to sit & wait for hair & makeup, wait back stage and do a few run throughs.  All in all, it was fantastic!  Her first thoughts after the show, was "I cant wait for the next one!!"  

I'm so incredibly thankful for the opportunity she was given by Eddie Cotillon & crew.  In addition to his phenomenal photography skills, he's been absolutely wonderful in providing advice, opportunities & guidance on insight to "the industry".  Its rare that you meet such genuine people that will really be assets to your life & he has truly fit that description.  Here's looking at so many more ventures to come, not only for my career, but Mailynas as well!

xo, Mia

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