Monday, October 17, 2011

Nothin' Better than Family Time

Over the weekend, I had a few makeup gigs, but more importantly, I had the chance to celebrate my aunts milestone birthday with all of our loved ones!  I wont mention her age, because, well, lets face it... women dont generally shout their age from the rooftops!  But I will say that my family has great genes!  Its not all genes though... my aunt takes phenomenal care of herself!  Take a look & enjoy the recap of our night!  Photos courtesy of Kathy Armas & Jenelle Armas :)

A evening brought to you by "M"
3 of my aunts that havent aged a single bit!
I forget what we were lol'ing about
My girls & I
The bday gal & her bffs (Myrna, Cheryl, Antoinette)
Emily, Trina, Mims, Me & Jassy - the ladies in the fam
My pops (middle) w/ his siblings (Earl, Cheryl, Glen, Kathy, Jenelle)
My aunt Cheryl, Trina & I
Jassy & GG (Great-Grandma Linda)
My silly family!
Me, Camille & Trina <3 Cousin Love

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