Thursday, October 6, 2011

Proper Skincare = The Most Gorgeous YOU

Lets be honest, as a kid, "wash your face" probably meant you splashed your face with some water real quick & wiped it off on a towel.  As you got older, maybe you grabbed that soap on the side of the sink & worked up a lather.  Once you started using makeup, you most likely scrubbed away what you could see or even slept with your makeup on.  Ok, I'm guilty of it all.  But what I've learned & truly practice now, I hope, is saving the years I've mistreated my poor skin.  For years, I thought I didn't need to do THAT much for my skin, because hey, I'm young.  WRONG.  The day I noticed even the slightest bit of "crows feet" I had a fit.  So here's a few tips I never got or perhaps blocked out from my mom...

1) Wash your face.  Simple, right?!  Every morning & every night.  Take off every single bit of makeup, no matter how tired you are or how great you look.  Even if you don't wear makeup, wash off the oils & the pollutants from the air & environment.  Don't even get me started on Eyelash Mites

2) Moisturize!  I hear it all the time... "I don't use lotion because my skin is oily"... WRONG!  You have oily skin, wash your face, strip it of moisture & don't replace that moisture.  So what happens?  Your skin thinks its dried out & over-compensates on the oil production, making you even MORE OILY!  A good rule of thumb is "anything you take out, put back in".  Sounds a lot like the "what goes up, must come down", right?!

3)  Be gentle with your face & use "upward" motions.  Pulling & tugging is hard on your skin.  Gravity is already trying to take it down, so lift it up, baby!

4)  Stay hydrated.  Channel your inner Adam Sandler from "WATERBOY" & drink up!  Drinking enough water is important for regular function & to flush out any toxins you may have.  If all you're drinking in coffee & soda... well, I really don't KNOW how bad it is for you because I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I know it cant be good!

5)  Get some sleep.  A well rested body feels great!  While we sleep, our bodies are healing from the crazy day... So take advantage, because it really IS Beauty Sleep!

6) SMILE!  Its truly the key to beauty.

I've been extra busy lately, but I'm going to try my very best to bust a few blogs out this week & post some pics of all the events I've been working.  Til next time, Mia

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