Friday, November 11, 2011

Brand Familiarity & Goodies

With most jobs, there are perks. At Kaiser, there was always some event where we'd get pens, notepads, lanyards, squishy stress balls, etc... I absolutely loved those event days! Well, at Sephora, it seems like everyday is promo day!! One of the lovely & luxurious perks is that there is a wealth of products on hand for us Beauty Advisors to try out & test. One of my main concerns was my lack of "counter experience". There are a ton of high end products at Sephora that I generally would bypass & not even bother to test because I know I wouldn't necessarily want to drop THAT much money on a product. I'm pretty hyped that I have the opportunity to give some new products a shot & that I can get to know a variety of brands! So Ive made the decision to test out a new brand each week :)

This weeks testers: Bumble & Bumble and Murad.

I have this long, thick, color treated hair with a ton of baby hairs, frizz & flyaways... It could really benefit from some serious TLC! My top three items I was drawn to were the Creme de Coco Masque, Mending Masque and Straight Blowdry by B&B. I'm wishing for long gorgeous hair that people are drawn to touch... Ok maybe I don't want people to randomly touch my hair, but it would be nice to have someone ask me how I keep my hair so soft & healthy!

As far as skincare, I've struggled the last couple years. Throughout my teenage years, I never had any acne issues. Never really needed acne medicine. Then I hit my late 20s, and my skin has become a nightmare. My forehead totally breaks out, I used to have dry skin, now I constantly need blotters, and the worst, I have a ton of acne scars plaguing my face. I decided to give Murad a chance, after remembering a sample I had received a few months back. I picked up the Clarifying Cleanser, Clarifying Mask, Resurgence Age Balancing Night Cream, Anti Aging Moisturizer for Acne by Murad. I'm also testing out the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector as well to take care of these darn acne spots that have popped up in the last year.

I've been using the products for at least 4 days now, and I didn't take any "before" pictures for comparison, so I'll just have to take one now. So here is my face before bed... Washed, serumed & moisturized... Dark circles, freckles, red eyes, scaring & all. Sigh. When I run out of this set of samples, I take another pic before hopping on the next brand, and hopefully, there will be some improvement!

Off to get my beauty-sleep, Mia

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