Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture Day at Stanford

The photog situation one of the Drs
Last week I was fortunate enough to work for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital & Stanford to update profile pictures. It was especially nice to see that other side of the medical world, because during the 6 years at Kaiser, I've seen hundreds of practitioner photos & profiles & just assumed they took their own photos & submitted it to their prospective jobs.

Call time was 7am... Have I mentioned how NOT a morning person I am?! One of the main indicators of how much you enjoy your job/line of work is your willingness to get out of bed for it. Guess I LOVE makeup!! No it's true. I love adding a little glam to someones day with a bit of lipstick & blush. 

One of the physicians 
 Many practitioners weren't too thrilled at the mini makeovers, but some were excited at the chance to feel like a movie star! Everything translated so well onto the screen & I'm sure everyone photographed beautifully! It really was like picture day at Stanford! From 8am until 430, roughly 57 practitioners came down to take their photos... That mean that Christine, Liza & I worked on 57 people that day!! They came in spurts of people, we had downtime in between, but it was an eventful day. The other nice thing is that it's not full faced makeup or anything ridiculous. It's really simple makeup, making the practitioners look like themselves, just a bit more relaxed & refreshed!

Our "work" area
The funny thing about the shoot, is that it crossed my 2 lines of work. Physicians & my love of makeup. One of my coworkers, who happens to be one of my favorite MUAs to work with as well, stated it perfectly: I know they're doctors, but in my head, I think they're just another model! Lol, and if you've ever had conversations with any doctors, you know how adamant they are that you address then as such! I've gotten a lot of "I didn't go through ___ amount of years of school for nothing, young lady!" several timed while at Kaiser!

Anyhow, I didn't happen to take any close up photos of actual physicians, but I did take a few general shots to share :) Thank you again, to everyone that continues to check in on my makeup adventures. I love hearing other people's stories & hopefully some of you enjoy mine as well!

The view of the atrium 
The view up from the atrium 

Til the next flash, Mia

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