Monday, November 7, 2011

A Whole New World

The Sephora Handbook
Today I'm coming to you from BART (bay area rapid transit for any of you non-bay folks) on my way home from my second day at The change happened quick & barely left any time to really think... But I did it! I left the comfort of Kaiser to follow my dreams of transitioning to the beauty industry. The nice thing is, it's a position at corporate, not necessarily the freestanding locations. So my official title is a "beauty advisor" at! I'm excited & horrified all at the same time. It literally is a whole new world to me. A lot of the new hires in my group have worked several beauty counters and/or are cosmos or estis. Me, I've done fashion shows, photoshoots, corporate shoots, magazines & weddings. Today we navigated the sephora website a bit to familiarize ourselves with possible customer issues & everyone knows about this fragrance & that skincare brand... It's a bit intimidating! One of my fav things we've done so far is rummage the product cabinets. New products here & there, holiday sets, product favs... It's like every girls dream!!

A Quick Pic as I walked down the Hall
The other thing that's fairly new to me is the absolute structure they have set up for scheduling. For 6 years, I've had the ability to come in within a time frame, take lunch whenever I feel like, work at my own pace as long as the projects were completed within the time frame... No one completely depended in me coming back from break before they could take their break. EVERYTHING is scheduled in at sephora! Breaks are stacked, so you have to wait for your coworker to come back before you can take yours, tardiness is monitored closely... Sigh. I mean, I'm sure I could benefit from the structure, it's just new.

Another thing that's gonna take getting used to is working in the city.  I'm an East Bay girl deep down to the core. I thrive in warm weather! I'm lovin the layers of clothes & experimenting more with scarves & jackets, but whew, layers can be your BFF or worst nightmare!! Because of where my job is located, I'm lucky enough to be able to BART in. Commuting on BART can get crazy. Today I was lucky enough to get a seat on the ride home, however yesterday was a complete different story. Mind you, I'm 5'0" & can't exactly reach those bars on top... Although some trains have the little loopies that extend it. So I get my hands on one, in a train so packed you feel like a sardine! I had on a jacket, scarf, tanktop with another top on top of that, all while in heels. Smh, I was sweating. Not ok. Lol, just another bonus to commuting!

All in all, I love the move I've made. I'm excited for the opportunity to do what I love in an office environment that I'm sure I can still utilize all the other skills I've obtained through the years. Exciting!!! I'll be sure to update soon on how things are going :)

xoxo, Mia

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  1. Things are looking up for you! Things can only get better!