Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ohh Sephora, How I Love Thee...

Whew, the holidays are done & the busiest shopping season has finally subsided! This was this first time in my life that I've worked in a call center-esque environment where it was all about servicing clients... It's pretty crazy having people literally say horrible things to you constantly for things you did not do, not have any control over. Yet I pushed through those angry birds & still love working at sephora.com!
A few of my favorites i heard so far would be the people who insisted I ruined Christmas because they waited til the 12/22 & we were all out of an item and they didnt want to pay overnight shipping to get it by 12/23... Smh. The holidays are super stressful all around & this has definately taught me a little more compassion & restraint.
The best thing about the holidays being over would be the little contest we employees had. Based on attendance, performance & sales, every week we received a token. At the end of the season, management would have a little "store" where we could redeem said tokens. In less than 4 weeks, I accumulated 16 tokens, and THIS is my reward!

It really felt amazing to be rewarded & appreciated for showing up on time, performing well & doing your best! A lot of companies take that for granted & employers just expect you to "take it because it's your job". I'm grateful that I found a company that values its staff and what we do for them. Here's to a long relationship sephora.com! Xo, Mia

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