Monday, February 6, 2012

MAC Pre-Launch Madness: SHOP COOK

So the other night, I had the please of attending the pre-launch of MACs new Spring Line.  The Shop-Cook line looked like a lot of fun, so I dragged along my sister to Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton.  This was the very first event that I've been to, so I wasnt exactly sure what to expect.  Whew... lemme tell you...
Our appointment time was 8pm-830, and we arrived promptly.  The store was gated off & there was a line wrapped around the side of the store.  I was able to take a quick shot of the line as we waited patiently. It was kind of cute the way they had a guy standing outside talking to the ladies & checking ID's for the alcohol inside... he was our "bouncer"!

Once inside, it was an absolute madhouse!  Barely able to look at the displays, cast members grabbing products & putting little "sold out" stickers on all the good stuff, girls with drinks, products & purses everywhere.  It was cute that they were giving out related items (ie the rubber gloves & sponges for cleaning).  The employees in aprons was a nice little touch.

Getting the products I wanted was a little hectic & the one thing I really wanted, ended up being left out of my bag & is most likely now sold out since the color was gorge, but ohh wells.  The line wasnt anything out of the ordinary, a lot of very similar colors that I was able to dupe with one of their existing colors.  I most likely will attempt to get that beautiful lipglass later, but it wouldnt be the absolute end of the world if I couldn't.  Here's a couple shots of the nights purchases... enjoy <3

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