Thursday, May 3, 2012

Must Haves for a Basic Face

I don't know about the rest of you, but between work, the kids & everything else, I have seriously no time to do a full face.  I'm the kinda girl that likes to snooze as many times possible before I'm late for work, then basically run out the door after getting dressed.  "Umm, you call yourself a makeup artist, but don't do your makeup?" Hahaa, no, that's not what I mean.  I simplify my routine as much as I can to reduce that "getting ready" time.  I can be ready in 5 minutes flat, if I need to.  I have a few "staples" in my makeup bag that are my absolute go-tos for my everyday look.  I'm almost debating a youtube comeback (dun-dun-duuuuun) to do either a 5 min face tutorial or at least my go-to products.  But for now, this'll just have to do!  

All in One Flawless Face:  Dior Hydra Life BB Creme - $56
BB Creams are amazing.  If you haven't tried one yet, I suggest running out & grabbing one.  Theres a ton of different brands that carry Beauty Balms now from drugstore to high end, so you definitely cant complain about price point.  For a product that replaces your moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation & concealer, I honestly don't mind forking up the big bucks.  I've tried a few diff brands, so expect a post dedicated to the newest "Asia inspired" product soon!

Correct & Conceal:  MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC30 - $19
I cant lie, my skin is nowhere near perfect.  I've got acne scaring, redness, dark circles... you name it, I've experienced it.  Its not constant, but there are days when building my BB Cream isn't quite enough.  On those days, I'll dab a bit of concealer where its needed.  I've used the Select Cover Up by MAC for years, but this, is beyond better!  Smooth, creamy & flawless.  Perfecting my imperfect skin!

Oil Controlling Compact:  MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder - $23
A quick dust over my face is all I need to set my Dior BB Creme.  Generally I don't use anything to set it because I love the dewy natural look, but I will keep it handy for a touch up mid afternoonish.  Its a great product to keep you fresh all day.

Beautifully Blushing & Bronzed:  NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Duo in Orgasm/Laguna - $41
A serious time-saver.  Who has time (or the space!) to carry separate bronzers & blushes?!  Orgasm is my all time must for blushes.  I'm sure you're all aware of the gorgeous peachy-pink blush with gold shimmer flecks... the absolute perfect shade for everyone.  I would recommend it from just about everyone, with the exception of mature skin.  In that case, I would say to pick up the something matte, so that the shimmer doesn't settle into those fine lines we all try so hard to correct!

Must have Mascara:  Mally Beauty Volumizing Waterproof Mascara - $20
I've tried a TON of mascara.  I ended up picking up the original formula after hearing RAVE reviews on QVC & I am so glad I did!  The only true downside to the mascara was that I felt like it somewhat flaked toward the end of the day.  I dont know about you, but I dont have time to worry about my mascara being anywhere BUT on my lashes.  So I much prefer the waterproof formulation that will stay until I say otherwise!

Eye Definition at its BEST:  Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Black Matte - $23

I didn't discover eyeliner until I was well into my 20's, but now that I have, I'll never let it go!  The felt tip point gives me that perfect matte winged liner.  Its one of the best ones I've been able to find & is absolutely water-resistant.

Brow Babe:  Urban Decay Brow Box in Honey Pot - $29
Have you ever looked at someone with  their full beautifully put together face & realized you were staring down their brows?  Lets be honest, brows MAKE your face.  Whether you like fuller brows or pencil thin ones, is completely your own preference... but you NEED brows.  I'll be the first to admit that I've over-plucked what I thought were caterpillars, but now prefer a more natural look, so the brow box is a necessary item on a daily basis!  The wax holds the brows I do have in place & the 2 shades perfectly fill in what I may be missing.

Eye-Love:  Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 - $50
My must have palette is the Naked2.  I have both palettes, but this one is a bit more favorable with me because it seems so much more wearable.  The matte colors are great for everyday use to quickly define my lids, yet theres a wide variety to play up my eyes when I have a bit more time.  You cant go wrong with this palette & the lip gloss is a great little bonus!  And like always, don't forget to PRIME your lids with the UDPP :)

Lip products are far & wide, but I'm pretty in love with my MAC lipsticks/lipglasses.  It changes on a daily basis depending on where I'm going, but more often than not, its MAC!!

So I know this post was a bit long, but hopefully it was helpful so see a few of my favorite products!    I listed the prices for all of the products for reference, so it looks like I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on makeup, which seems SUPER vain... but keep in mind I have my discounts from Sephora & MAC, so it wasn't nearly as much as retail!

I'd love to see or hear what some of your must haves are, or even find some new products you recommend I try out!

Love & lipstick, 

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